Top Up Testing

Electrical Safety Testing to AS/NZS standards
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As you may know in New Zealand, manufacturers or imports or suppliers of electrical products are responsible for ensuring product safety before they are offered for sale. Supplied electrical appliances and fittings must comply with recognised safety standards as of Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010.

AS/NZS Top Up Testing

If a product was tested to overseas standards (IEC /EN standards), based on the existing documentation we can carry out AS/NZS top up testing to meet local regulatory requirements. And complete SDoC (Supplier Declaration of Conformity) if applicable. This top-up testing covers specific differences between the overseas standards and Australia & New Zealand standards.

Why Choose Us

ACT NZ LTD (Trading as NZRCM) is an Auckland based accredited test laboratory recognised by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ). IANZ an autonomous Crown entity established by the Testing Laboratory Registration Council Act, 1972. 

Our staff are more familiar with compliance requirements and can guide you through a step-by-step process to achieve regulatory obligations in Australia and New Zealand market.