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Compliance Folder Management


  • Have you fed up with the maintenance of compliance records for your varied products?
  • Have you got confused while dealing with suppliers from China, and Europe? 
  • Have you found difficulty in checking endless documentation such as test reports, certificates, declaration for conofrmity to ensure they meet regualtory requirements?

We can help you out of such situations and communicate on your behalf. Let you have a peace of mind to focus on your core business. 

Folder Managment
R & D assistance

New Zealand Research and Development Assistance


As a 100% NZ owned company, we have the responsibility to help the local manufacturers innovate, research and develop. We can offer bundle of services, few are listed below: 

Importer Assistance

(Wholesaler and Retailer)


  • If you are an importer who has no idea how to sell your electrical products to NZ market legally or
  • If you have a container to be landed tomorrow while you have no compliance documents at all or
  • If you have received an Infringement notice from WorkSafe when you sell your products online, or
  • If you own a bathroom / kitchen / lighting / appliance showroom and you are worried about how to manage safety compliance for all sorts of your electrical products

Please contact us for advice and solution. We will provide you with tailored compliance service, and testing service in most cost-effective way.



Assistance for Dairy Industry

We have an experienced expert team which can handle the compliance and testing for your dairy-related products such as rotary gland, milking system, feeding system, slip ring, ice bank, chiller, ventilation and lighting.

  • Dairy related electrical products compliance management
  • Dairy regulation and electrical consultation
  • Farm-related products testing
  • Onsite visit and consultation


Exporter Assistance


After conquering domestic market, would you like to sell your products to a bigger market overseas? It is challenging as the rules and regulations are different in global markets. We can help you in the following areas:
  • Australasia market
  • European market
  • China market
  • Gulf market
  • USA and Canadian market

Third-Party Services


We can also offer third-party testing services for your product to meet complete regulatory requirements:

  • Product Safety standards
  • EMC standards
  • Radio standards
  • Telecomminucations standards
  • Energy efficiency standards
  • Radiation exposure standards