Flammability Tests

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Glow Wire test

The Glow Wire test is designing to carry out fire hazard testing on electrotechnical products by the provisions of international standards for example: AS/NZS 60695.

Needle Flame Test

Needle Flame test is designing to measure the fire risk by product light-off or hold burning time. For example lighting, low voltage electric appliance, household appliances, electric machine, motor, electric tools, electronic instrument, electrical instrument, electrical connectors such as electrical and electronic equipment and parts. The standard is AS/NZS 60695.

Vertical Flame Test

The vertical flame test is designing to simulate electronic products around the environment in the early condition, using the simulation technology to assess the fire risk. This test can apply to the electrical and electronic product components, for instance, household appliances insulation shell, panel switches, printed circuit boards and insulation materials, etc. The test standard is AS/NZS 60332.