Household & Commercial Appliances

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We have an IANZ accredited electrical lab which can offer full testing, partial testing, and top up testing on household appliances and commercial appliances, in accordance with AS/NZS, IEC, EN, SASO, SABS standards. Our experienced team can test most of 60335 series part 1 and part 2 standards, for example: 

UV Air Purifier

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



Food Display Cabinet

Food Display Cabinet

Electric Fan

Electric Fan


Household & Commercial Safety Standards (60335)

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Part 2-2 & Part 2-69: household / commercial vacuum cleaner, robotic vacuum cleaner

Part 2-3: electric irons

Part 2-5: dishwashers

Part 2-6 & Part 2-36: household / commercial cooking range, hob, oven

Part 2-7: washing machine

Part 2-9: portable cooking appliance (grill, toaster, bread maker, roster, BBQ, candy floss maker, air fryer, food dehydrator,mini oven)

Part 2-13: deep fryers, frying pans and similar appliances

Part 2-14 & Part 2-64: household / commercial kitchen machine (food processor, blender, mixer, juicer, coffee grinder)

Part 2-15: appliance for heating liquid (kettle, water boiler, coffee machine, cooker, steamer)

Part 2-16: food waste disposer

Part 2-17: blanket, pad, warm mattress

Part 2-21: storage water heater (hot water cylinder)

Part 2-23: appliance for skin and hair care (hair straightener, hairdryer, hand dryer, curling iron)

Part 2-24 & Part 2-89: household / commercial refrigerating appliance (fridge, freezer, camping fridge, ice cream maker, wine cooler, commercial display fridge, ice bank)

Part 2-29: battery charger

Part 2-30: room heater Test (fan heater, convection heater, panel heater, oil heater, wall heater, bathroom heater, heat lamps, 3 in 1 heat light fan unit, outdoor radiant heater)

Part 2-31: range hood and other cooking fume extractor, downdraft

Part 2-35: instantaneous water heater

Part 2-40: electrical heat pump SDoC, air conditioner and dehumidifier

Part 2.41: pump test (transfer pump, submersible pump, shower-boost pump, and aquarium pump)

Part 2-43: clothes dryer and towel rail (heated towel rails)

Part 2-45: portable heating tool (heat gun, soldering iron, glue gun)

Part 2-53: sauna heater and infrared cabin

Part 2-59: insect killer

Part 2-60: spa pool Test and spa bath

Part 2-65: air-cleaning appliance (Air purifier testing, air sterilizer testing, UV light testing, air purifier certification, air sterilizer certification, air purifier RCM mark, air sterilizer RCM mark, UV light RCM mark)

Part 2-70: milking machines (vacuum pump, milk pump)

Part 2-75: commercial dispensing appliance and vending machine (espresso coffee dispenser, hot water dispenser, video disc vending machine, food / drink vending machine)

Part 2-77: pedestrian controlled mains-operated lawnmower (electric lawnmower, battery lawnmower)

Part 2-78: outdoor barbecue

Part 2-79: high pressure cleaner and steam cleaner

Part 2.80: fan Test (home ventilation system, commercial ventilation system, heat recovery unit, duct fan, pedestal fan, desktop fan, wall fan, ceiling fan, roof fan, bathroom fan, exhaust fan, industrial fan)

Part 2-82: amusement machines and personal service machine (game machine, driving simulator, kiddie ride, laser shooting appliance, currency dispenser)

Part 2-85: fabric steamer

Part 2.84: Toilet (smart toilet, intelligent toilet, bidet, wet and dry bidet, toilet seat, toilet pump)

Part 2-91: walk-behind and hand-held lawn trimmer and lawn edge trimmer

Part 2.95: Drives for vertically moving garage door for residential use (garage door opener)

Part 2-96: flexible sheet heating elements for room heating (under tile heating, under floor heating, heating mat)

Part 2-97: Drives for shutter, awning, blind, and similar equipment

Part 2-98: Evaporative air-cooler and humidifier

Part 2-102: Gas, oil, and solid fuel-burning appliances with electrical connections (solid-fuel fire with electric fan, gas fridge, gas BBQ, gas cooker)

Part 2-103: Drives for gates, doors and windows (folding doors, revolving doors, rolling doors, roof windows, sectional overhead doors, and swinging and sliding gates or doors)

Part 2-106: heated carpets and for heating units for room heating installed under removable floor coverings (under carpet heating)

Part 2-107: robotic battery powered electrical lawnmower (robotic lawnmower)

Part 2-109: UV radiation water treatment appliances (UV water treatment system)

Part 2-114: battery powered self-balancing personal transport devices (hoverboard)